What Is A Sport?

Sports refer to physical activities and sportsmanship. The entire process of enhancing in sports like knowledge of outcomes and knowledge of technique 꽁머니사이트 can be directly applied to almost any other pursuit. In fact, sportsmanship is a subset of the discipline of sports. A lot of people believe that sports is a domain exclusively for men, which is not true. Women too participate actively in sports like beach volleyball and ice hockey. However, the difference between male and female sports is primarily the involvement in contact sports.

Physical activities include running, playing baseball, basketball, softball, tennis, golf, hockey, soccer etc. Aerobic exercises are also used to enhance athletic skill. Sports that require exertion sports like weightlifting and sprinting. There are many more sports that make use of various aspects of exertion.

Any activity that makes use of both the mind and the body is called a sport. The primary distinction between sports and non-sport is the involvement in physical activities. Every sport requires some element of skill: speed, strength, agility, balance, flexibility etc. Even swimming, while requiring high levels of fitness, does not necessarily comprise of a sport activity.

Any activity which makes use of the mind but not the body, is an exercise activity. Activities that incorporate motor skills are considered to be sports. Any game in which the participant performs with the use of both the feet and the hands is a sport. Golf, for example, involves swinging a club, but not necessarily playing golf. It is the motion of using the hands to strike the ball that counts, not necessarily the act of striking. So even swimming is not a game in which the person swimming possesses some special skill, like kicking.

Some games may not involve a skill, and in such a case the word ‘sport’ is applicable. For example, cricket is not a game in which the player strikes the ball with any sort of weapon or with his hands. Instead, it is a game in which the player must use the power of his feet to hit the ball. Similarly bowling, though a game of skill, does not make use of any sort of weapon or any exertion of the body except as far as the bowler is trying to make the ball reach the pins.

Many people regard any kind of physical activity, which makes use of the mind, as a sport; but this definition has often been stretched to include other, less vigorous activities. Take for example, gardening. Just as ‘garden’ refers to the physical act of growing plants, so too is ‘gotiation’ to include the mental act of negotiating for a better deal. Similarly kayaking, although a sport, would not be described as a sport under most other definitions, because it involves no physical activity. But it is a sport because of the mental acuity, aesthetic experience, and social utility of the activity.

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